Private Labeling

Constantly looking for ways to gratify our customers, Sama food industries applies the phantom branding service, which is, by all means, manufacturing a private label product, thus enabling clients to set the specifications of their own unique products by promoting their very own special brand.
Corporate clients can promote and sell their brand of natural mineral water as well as canned soft drinks, juices, energy drink , and malt drink, which comes in different shapes and sizes.
Our purpose is to grow your business while we only provide the highest quality of natural mineral water and soft drinks; we further work side by side with our clients to assure the customized formulas completely meet the exact standards of the targeted country.

We guarantee you premium raw materials, elaborate recipes, flexible beverage bottling in terms of time and quantity. We pay attention to the highest sanitary standards plus proper storage and delivery. In short: An all-inclusive package in contract bottling, with nothing like it.

Non-stop to the last drop